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Yahoo! Featured Articles


As a writer at Associated Content, I have had numerous articles accepted and published by Yahoo! Sports. This section features all of my work that has been headlined on Yahoo since September of 2010.

Fan opinion: Five reasons I don't want Selig to expand MLB postseason
Fan Takes: Five Consequences of a Shorter MLB Regular Season for Players, Teams, and Fans
Five Greatest World Series Game 7s of all-time

The Five Greatest Scorers in NBA History
Five of the Greatest Forwards in NBA History
Five of the Greatest Centers in NBA History

Five Reasons Bettors Should Avoid Handicapper Tout Service Scams
Five reasons that the NFL blackout rules should be discontinued
Most Super Bowl Victories by Jersey #: Quarterbacks Edition
A Tennessee Titans stadium guide for fans and visitors in Nashville, Tennessee

Most Controversial Roster Transactions from Green Bay Packers General Manager Ted Thompson
The History Behind the Green Bay Packers Name
A Brief History of the Green Bay Packers

Five of the greatest individual performances in the Red River Rivalry
Five of the all-time greatest Red River Showdown rivalry games
History of the Red River Showdown

Top 5 NHL Cities in the United States
The Five Greatest NHL Goaltenders in the Post-War Era
NHL Officiating 101: Ten basic hockey rules for new NHL fans

MTSU Shouldn't Change Their Name to UMT