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MARCH 10, 2011 - I informed readers in my previous update about my intentions of starting a sports blog. Well, I've recently completed two new blogs. "Josher Zah Nostradamus" and "JZN Written Parodies."

Josher Zah Nostradamus, which can be found HERE, will be my sports blog that'll host my analysis on individual games and controversial sports topics. JZN Written Parodies, which can be found HERE, will host my written parodies.

I probably won't be updating this website anymore, so you'll need to follow me on my blogs to keep updated on NFL, NCAA, and various sports predictions and editorials. I believe the modifications will make things simpler for my readers and it will give me an opportunity to keep things updated.

I'm removing most of the material from the website, and some of it will be done gradually. Hope to see you for my "NFL Predictions Against the Spread" series next fall (as long as their is football).


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Tutorials for MLB the Show, primarily geared toward the MLB 09 the Show game
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